Thursday, 9 December 2010

Passion for animals

Hi, this is my daugther, Cristina, She loves animals, but she is very frightened. Well, this is the farm school "Buenavista"- Junta de los Rios, Arcos de la Frontera-. There is accommodation, many activities for kids and for me is a fantastic place to spend a weekend
Bye bloggers


  1. Hi Paco!
    What a great photo! I love the expression on Crsitina's face :)
    Sam's been to the same place on a school trip. He loved it! We keep on meaning to go as a family and spend the weekend there, but we haven't got round to it yet. There are so many great things to do in the Cádiz area, it's really difficult to do them all!

  2. Hi!

    My son is also an animal lover. He adopts every single stray animal he finds on the street. Is that a kitten Cristina is holding?

    Anna Pires (from Northern Portugal)

  3. Wonderful picture, Paco.

    Do you mean the whole family can go to Buenavista and stay their for the whole weekend or longer? I have kids, too, so I should check it out!

    I love the expression on Cristina´s face, too. It looks like her love of animals is winning over her fear! Keep taking her there!

    From a fellow blogger,


  4. Hi Anna and Guido, sorry for no aswering before.
    Yes, it´s a ugly kitten. There were so many wild cats. How many pets do you have?
    Hi Guido (a fellow blogger); Yes, It´s possible stay there for the whole weekend.

    I would like to go if time permits at the end of March or at the beggining of April. if you are still interested we could agree to go together. I´ll call and tell you prices

    By the way, how old are your children Anna and Guido? Is a good date for you?

    I hope to hear from you :)

  5. Hi Paco!

    Where have you been? In Arcos de la Frontera?

    We have a girl of eight and two boys: one of six and one of nearly a year and a half so maybe we should get together once and go to Buenavista. Lets see if the others can come too when the weather gets a bit better, eh?

    Will keep in touch through the blog!


  6. Hi Guido, hi Paco,
    Sounds like a great plan :)