Friday, 10 December 2010

New blog task December 9

Hi everybody,
Here's our "class" for this week. I'm going to write half of it and record half of it. Let's see how it goes!
OK, here's part one:

Do you remember we were talking about early memories recently in class? Can you remember any of your very early memories? I'm going to ask you to write a short text describing that memory, but I don't want you to describe it as as adult looking back, I'd like you to try and take yourslef back in time. Try and get into the head of that small child and describe what happened from the point of view of you as a child. Give it a go! And when you've finished, listen to the instructions on the voki below for part two!

Get a Voki now!

I hope you got that! When you've finished, add your story here, in a comment box, in a new post, or send it to me by email. Thank you!

See you all next Wednesday at 10 o'clock. Remember, it's a longer lesson - three hours to make up for the class we lost this week.

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