Friday, 3 December 2010

a little something for the weekend ....

Hi everybody.,
Here's a quick exercise to follow up from the last lesson. It's the dictation I promised you :)
Just click on play and you'll hear four questions. Write them down and then play again and repeat with me! It should be fun (I hope!).

Then choose one, or two or more of the questions and write answers to them to send each other by email, or post here on the blog.

Oh yes, and if you were there on Wednesday, remember the instructions task with the rods!

I hope you have a great weekend. I'm going away until Wednesday (I'll tell you all about it when I get back!). I'll be back on the blog then with an online lesson to make up for the one we're missing next week!

See you then.
Have fun,


  1. Hi Ceri:
    Here are my answer:
    -What did you do last night?
    After spending 6 days with my Italian friend (She left last Monday) I took up again my master tasks and my english lesson homework.I was 10 hours in front of the laptop at least!!!
    -What do you do at the moment?
    I'm trying to understand what I have to do and how this blog works.
    -What are you gonna do this weekend?
    I think I'm going shopping. I have to buy a lot of present for my friends and relatives and I'll finish my taks for my Master (I hope to have enough time to do all this)
    -What do you think about this weekend?
    It's great! It's as you were at the lesson!

  2. Hi Montse!
    You slmost got all the questions ;) - we'll look at them together in class next week.
    Wow! Ten hours in front of the computer -you're worse than me! Don't your eyes get tired?
    I've just started my Christmas shopping today - it really stresses me out to start with. There are so many people in the shops, but then I get into it and as the list gets shorter it gets to be more fun :)
    Watch out for more blog tasks coming up soon! But I promise I'll keep them short and simple so they don' take too much time away from your Masters!
    Speak soon,

  3. Hi Ceri!
    Here's my exercise:
    -What did you do last night?
    It was a quiet and relaxed long weekend; I studied English for my oral test, I started reading a new book in Spanish, a detective novel a friend lent me. She's really keen on detective stories. Needless to say, I went Christmas shooping. Last night, I watched a couple of episodes of one of my favourite TV series "Mad men" on the internet.
    -What are you doing at the moment?
    I'm catching up with my work as well and I'm trying to overcome my terrible oral exam. I hate role plays, my mind goes black and I can't improvise something or coordinate it with my partner in two minutes. Why do teachers love role-play exams?
    -What are you gonna do this weekend?
    If my husband doesn't have to work and the weather is fine, we'll go hiking in the Grazalema mountains.
    -What do you think of this exercise?
    It's fun! You need to add those words that you don't listen to and in fact, they're many words.

  4. Hi Mercedes!
    Sorry to hear about the oral test, they can be so stressful, and I'm sure everybody's minds have gone blank at some time in an oral test!
    I hope you're getting over it! (I think maybe to get over is what you wanted to say, not overcome?)
    It'll certainly make me think carefully before using role-plays in exams in future! I think it's really important to give students time to think and prepare what they're going to say. But oral exams are always so difficult anyway. It's really hard to make them fair, to make sure everyone has the same chance. I guess that's why role plays are used so much.
    I'm glad you liked the exercise! I was going to write the instructions for the next one, but now I'm thinking again - I might leave you another listening task instead :)

  5. Well, I have heard many times your recording. I have had some troubles.
    1)What did you do last night?
    After dinner, I was surfing the internet, reading a lot of e-mails, putting in order (classifying)and planning the next week.
    2)What are you doing at the moment?
    Obiusly, I´m writing this post. I´ve just to get up and to have breakfast.3)What are you gonna do this weekend?
    Soon (In brief), I´ll go congregation for the Spanish Red Cross volunteers in Medina. It´s like to live toguether volunteers.
    4)What do you think of the exercise?
    It´s fun to learn as well as (like) in your classes.
    I see you soon
    Paco J.

  6. Hi Ceri! Here's the other task:
    If you follow the instructions, you'll reproduce a piece of art made with scaled-up Cuisenaire rods I found on the internet.
    Take the rods: 1 orange. 1 blue, 1 brown, 1 black, 1 dark green, 1 yellow, 1 lime green, 1 red and 2 white.
    Let's go!
    Take the blue rod and put it on the table in front of you, standing up.
    Take the purple rod and put it standing up on the right, next to the blue one.
    Take the orange rod and put it behind the blue one, standing up.
    Take the brown rod and put it standing up behind the purple one and next to the orange one.
    Take the black rod and put it carefully on top of the purple one, standing up.
    Take one white rod and put it on top of the orange one.
    Now take the red rod and put it standing up on top of the last one you have just placed.
    Take the yellow rod and put it on top of the blue one in front of the two smaller rods.
    Take the dark green rod put it standing up on the top of the brown one, next to the stack of orange, white and red ones.
    Take the lime green and put it on top of the black one, standing up.
    In the end, take the other white rod and put it on the top of the red one.

    If I've given you the right instructions and you've followed them correctly, you should have got this sculpture:

  7. Wow! thank you Mercedes - it's great! I've just built the tower and your instructions were perfect :) I was going to take a photo with my webcam to prove it to you, but then I followed your link instead - great photo, great article!
    I'm going to share it with some teaching friends.
    See you on Wednesday!

  8. Hi Paco!
    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. And thank you very much for the beautiful digital Christmas card :)
    Well done with the questions. How was your meeting in Medina? I'd like to hear more about it tomorrow. And we can talk about what kind of activities you'd like me to post to the blog in the new year.
    See you tomorrow.