Thursday, 17 March 2011


Hi everybody!  It's  been a long time. How are you all?  What have you been up to? Has this been filling your thoughts and your time? Or do you like to get away from the crowds? 

The weather wasn't too good this year - again ;)  Did it spoil it for you?  We were amazed watching the hail fall on the Avenida about an hour before the parade was about to start. (Our living room window looks out over the street)  There were so many carnival- goers hiding in doorways and trying to keep dry.  And not looking at all happy. But then it cleared up almost immediately, with blue skies and floods of crowds lining the streets.  The kids loved it, throwing confetti (the little bits of paper) and trying to catch streamers (the long, thin spirals of paper). But the highlight, the best part, for me is the chirigotas (how would you explain that in English?!).  Even after five years of following carnival in Cádiz I still find it really, really difficult to understand what they're saying.  I love to follow them and listen to them two or three times, understanding a little bit more each time. 

Anyway, that's my take on Carnaval. What's yours?  Have you got any stories to share?  Or any photos?  I'd love to see your side of carnaval.

And to finish off, here's a message from Paco (thanks for sharing!) :

I suppose you know that this Saturday is the biggest tide in Cádiz for many years. You can see from La Caleta The Roman Ruins. These are always below the water or you can go to Sancti-Petri beach and see the Roman road.  Low tide is at 8:45.

Really looking forward to hearing from you all again soon!