Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Lesson follow up November 24

Hi everybody!
Just a quick message, to check that the email alerts are working - and to suggest a couple of tasks for the next week.

But first of all, thank you Montse for last lesson's summary. I've added it to the lesson summaries for November, and thank you Mercedes for offering to write the summary for today!

Ok, back to the tasks.

Do you remember we visited another class blog in Seville and we saw that they had posted some photos with their own commentary?  Well one of the tasks could be to visit the fotobabble website and see if you can add a speaking photo to our blog. I'm going to try it out too!  Another task could be to visit lodelaingli and add a comment to their adverb poem. Do you remember it?  It made me smile.

I'm going to send you notes and exercises on using "the" with the names of places in an email, it's easier than posting it here, but maybe you'd like to write about somewhere you've visited recently, remembering to be careful with how and when you use the.   If you could add a photo of where you've been as well, that would be great.

And finally, here's a photo to remind you of the exercise we did to finish the lesson.

Can you remember the eight idiomatic expressions we looked at using as ... as... ?  Don't use your notes!  Just look at the rods and see if they come back to you :)

Here are a few more I like:

as quiet as a mouse
not as young as I used to be
as happy as a pig in muck 

Try searching for some more on Google and let us know what you find!
Ok, that's all from me. Over to you!
Please add lots of comments and if you're having any problems blogging, just let me know and I'll try to help!


  1. Hello everyone, Guido from "lodelaingli" here.
    I´m really happy you found the way to our class blog :-) Some of you have even left some comments already!
    We had trouble putting our Fotobabbles on the blog. Some students could put the picture and the recording up together (embedding) but others couldn´t because Fotobabble didn´t give them the special code so they just put a link on the blog. If you find out how to embed (incrustar) on your blog, please let us know, Ok?
    That´s all for now. Ceri has given you enough homework already, hasn´t she?

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  3. update: problem solved
    if you want to put a fotobabble on your blog just click inside the embed box if you can´t see a code there. It will magically appear!

  4. Thanks for the tip, Guido. And thanks to your class for the idea.
    We've started adding some on our own :)