Saturday, 20 November 2010

Lesson 12: Have you got a rainy day photo to share?

Hello everyone!

I like taking photos on cloudy days. I love those days plenty of clouds, with the sunshine breaking through the gaps. I usually take my camera and my dog and go for a walk to the beach or any of paths in the salt marsh in the bay of Cadiz.

When I saw your photo, I remembered the most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen. It was on La Gomera island, my husband and I spent Christmas there in 2004.

We love going hiking and La Gomera is a great place to hike, since it has a network of paths crossing all over the island, through a wide variety of landscapes. We left early in the morning, walked for about 6 hours and came back to the house in the evening, we were exhausted but very happy.

We saw this double rainbow almost at the end of our ramble. After walking some hours under a light drizzle, the sky suddenly lit up and the rainbow unexpectedly appeared. It was absolutely breathtaking.

Bye for now,

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  1. Hi Mercedes,
    Thank you for sharing the photo and the story. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to comment, the email alerts weren't working - as you know.
    I've heard so much about La Gomera and seen so many stunning photos. It's a very photogenic place - and I love this rainbow! It's got a much better frame than mine - but it's interesting to see the same contrast between the colour of the sky above and below the rainbow. I hadn't noticed that before, the blue skies under the rainbow, the grey skies above. I'll look at rainbows differently from now on!