Thursday, 18 November 2010

Lesson 12 November 17

Hi everybody!
Thanks for a great lesson again today - despite the grey skies ;)
Here's a photo I found from another grey day in Cádiz. It's the view from our flat. It was amazing to see the rainbow with the storm on one side and the blue skies starting to show on the other. In fact, if you look really closely you may be able to see a double rainbow.  I love days like these, especially when there are storms coming in from the sea.  I think they're really energising  - and they remind me of home ;)  Mind you I think I only like them because they're few and far between, and I do prefer beautiful blue skies like the ones we had today!

Have you got a rainy day photo to share?  You can add it in here, or send it to me by email and I'll add it in.  Remember to tell us something about it, where you took it, when and why.

Other possible tasks from today's class:
  • write the story of the private investigator and the woman he was following - what happened after she turned the corner?  
  • tell us how you feel about grey days, where you like to be and what you like to do
  • take a look at the aerial shots on this website Earth from the Air (I'm sure you know the photographer, Yann Arthus.Bertrand, his photos are everywhere!) - choose one you like and tell us why you like it - we'll look at them together in the next class. 
You can add your texts here in this post, add a new post, or write them in a comment. If you're having any problems, send me an email and I'll try to help!   Or if you prefer, send them to me by email, just as we always do, and when you think your post is ready, we can add it to the blog.

Right, that's all from me.
Hope you have a great weekend!

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