Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Fun Theory

Hi, here's the blog task for this week.  It's another youtube clip (I'm glad you enjoyed last week's by the way). This time I got the link from a colleague in Japan (thank you Barbara Sakamoto).   It's about an experiment that took place in Stockholm.

Watch the clip and answer these questions.

1 What exactly did the experiment consist of?
2 What did they want to do?
3 Did they succeed?

I'd love to hear what you think of the experiment. Would you have taken the stairs that day? Do you think when the stairs returned to normal people just went back to using the escalator? Please write and let me know!

I'd like you to think about this question too if you've got time:

Can you think of any boring jobs or activities that could be made more interesting and motivating using the Fun Theory approach? I'm going to think about it - and I'll write my answer in the comments this time next week. You might want time to think about it too. If you do, why not leave me a quick comment now and then come back later with any extra ideas?

Thanks for calling by again (welcome if it's your first visit). Please leave a comment, no matter how short or long, we're looking forward to reading what you've got to say!

Bye for now,


  1. Hi Ceri,
    I'm so sorry, I've been very busy this week but I'll try to do this exercise over the next week. In the meantime, I'd like to share an interesting listening exercise I did about success in other post.

  2. Hi Mercedes!
    Nice to hear from you. Which other post? I'll go and see if I can find it now.
    Speak soon,

  3. Hi Mercedes and Ceri!!

    I'm sorry about no write here before, I've been very busy de last weeks.

    The experiment is to make people take the stairs more than they did before and make it fan. People who made the experiment, Volswagen, transform the steps of the stairs on piano keys and when people take the stairs, the steps make sound as a piano keys. The experiment was succeed, there was and increment of a 66% of people taking the stairs.

    I think it's a fun idea to give a bit of color to people's rutine. I think I`d take the stairs like Tom Hanks in the movie "Big" plays the huge piano in the toy shop. But that idea is difficult in that piano on the stairs, and to make the same like Tom Hanks you need do more exercise and protect your legs, it cuold be painful for your knees to play all the keys falling down the stairs (:S)jajajaja.

    I think when stairs returned to normal people don't take the stairs more than before but I'd like to think people took more the stairs than before the stairs transform as a piano because people could think that take the stairs is good for do some exercise.

    Nice to read you

  4. Hi Fernando!
    Great to *see* you! It's been a long time :)
    I hope everything's well in your world.

    I think I agree with you, sad as it is, that most people will probably just go back to using the escalators again. I don't know, maybe I'm cynical. Maybe it will make a difference. Like you, I'd like to think so :)

    And if I saw those stairs, I would definitely NOT take the escalator.

    Speak again soon!